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Referent Journalist

Diego Fischer

Diego Fischer was born in Montevideo and studied Journalism at the Universidad de Navarra (Spain) and at Boston University.


Since 1980, he has worked in written press, radio and television. He was correspondent for United Press International (UPI) and collaborated with diario La Nación of Buenos Aires. He is currently columnist for the editorial page of El País. Also, he is Director and Producer of the television program Los Notables, aired on Nuevo Siglo TV in Montevideo and Canal 11 in Punta del Este.


He was Chief of Press for the UE Delegation in Uruguay. Moreover, he assisted on diverse communication projects for the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB). He also assisted several national and multinational companies on crisis management.


He created and directed, with a select team of journalists, the training course Intimate Enemies, directed to national and foreign executives to help them forge professional bonds with the media as well as have the necessary tools for crisis management.  The course was taught for a decade (1996-2016) at ISEDE, business school of the Catholic University of Uruguay.


He is the most read author of his country in the last decade. He has published 16 books, amongst which: Al este de la Historia (1998-2006), Que nos abrace el viento. Historia y Leyenda de Antonio Lussich (2004), Al encuentro de las Tres Marías. Juana de Ibarbourou más allá del mito (2008, declared Golden Book by the Uruguayan Chamber of Books and it is one of the three non-fiction bestsellers in Uruguay in the past 25 years). He is author of the novel-biography of Carlos Páez Vilaró (2011) and China Zorrilla (2012). He was praised with two other Golden Book awards for his biography of the poet Delmira Agustini (2014) and for Carlota Ferreira, la amante del pintor Juan Manuel Blanes (2016).


He was producer, director and writer of twelve documentaries, among which: Cien años Punta del Este (2007), Historias, relatos y sueños (2011) and Algo interesante que contar (2014). He is author of four theatre plays.

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