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We personalize our service to the needs of each of our clients:

We act as an external marketing team delivering an all-round service

We support the internal marketing team on their tasks

We focus on specific projects



Strategic Planning and Management

  • Competitive and situation analysis

  • Strategic Plans based on the defined objectives and audiences

  • Operational Plans and annual Budgets

  • Support in the management, implementation and control

  • Project Management of ad-hoc projects



  • Brand, image and reputation analysis

  • Recommendations focused on the objectives and stakeholders

  • Implementation and follow-up



  • Design and project management of market research

  • Client surveys, internal surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Action plan based on the results with clear and measurable objectives

marketing E


External Communications and Events

  • Communication strategy for the product or service

  • Media Plans

  • Campaigns and promotions to achieve the objectives set

  • Analysis and effectiveness assessment

  • Brand experience and events  


Internal Communications

  • Internal communications diagnosis

  • Recommendations considering the context and reality of each client

  • Internal communications campaigns and team building


Digital Marketing

  • Digital positioning analysis

  • Digital strategy including web sites, SEO, SEM, social media, inbound marketing, mobile and e-commerce

  • Coaching of internal community managers

  • Digital protocols


public relations


  • Handling of all press related aspects for product launches, events and messages to communicate

  • Analysis of the press relative to the activity sector and action plans

  • Fostering of long-lasting positive relationships with relevant journalists and media

  • Media training and coaching for spokespeople


Crisis Management

  • Advice on crisis management minimizing its impact

  • Development of key messages

  • Spokespeople training

  • Crisis handbook for the better management of future crisis


Institutional Relationships

  • Relationship plans with relevant institutions and organizations

  • Implementation and follow-up


Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

  • CSR plans aligned to the purpose and goals of each client in order to produce a positive impact on their community and stakeholders

  • Implementation and follow-up

public relations
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